Art by Kojak 
ARtHouse is an art gallery and urban hangout. A space that encourages creativity in every genre of art. ArtHouse is also the retail space for Hustle Kollege custom clothing.
ArtHouse is a grassroots movement, a meeting place for like minded individuals to express themselves freely but encouraged to build as a group. A place to hang your art or just a cool place to hang-out! 
Art of Kojakism are works in mixed media by Artist Kojak ,visual art that combines various traditional art mediums such as  paint, ink,  and collage. Works of art by Kojak on exhibit at ArtHouse.
Hustle Kollege is an organization that promotes African-Amercian social thought expressed  through visual arts, as well as through  dance and spoken word. WE are a work place for intellectuals and a playground for creative thinkers.
    Price $250.00
  2. Algebra
  3. Big Blue
    Big Blue
  4. Horn Blown
    Horn Blown
    Price $250
  5. Side ways
    Side ways